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Deadline: October 15


“Chemie für eine nachhaltige Zukunft”
“Chemistry for a Sustainable Future“

Chemistry provides the essence of a dominating number of developments decisive for our future. To establish innovations in terms of sustainability, an intrinsic knowledge of molecular phenomena is essential. This comprises e.g. synthetic methodologies, materials, medical care, and energy storage. Solving these challenges affords contributions from all fields of chemistry. The Austrian Chemistry Days provide a lively forum for the communication in all areas of chemistry and chemical technologies. The program presents plenary lectures given by internationally recognized scientists, oral and poster presentation and time for discussion. Young chemists are particularly welcome to participate.

In the past the Austrian Chemistry Days had been organized in cooperation with the chemical societies of Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. Members of these societies are particularly welcome to participate. In 2013 we are glad to share this meeting with the Hungarian Chemical Society. As in recent years, the language of the conference will be English.

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